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CHNET-Works! - Newsletter

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CHNET-Works! is a network of networks linking researchers, decision-makers and practitioners in health and stakeholder sectors from across Canada. CHNET-Works! hosts weekly webinars sharing leading edge research and application, supporting discussions and actions on pressing health issues. Participants join in these free pan-Canadian discussions via telephone and internet - no registration fees, no transportation costs, no greenhouse gasses.

CHNET-Works! Webinars are always the result of working in partnership with colleagues and organizations related to the discussion topic.

Who partners with CHNET-Works! ? 
CHNET-Works! partners with non-government and government national or provincial/territorial community health related organizations to provide opportunities for discussion and collaboration for evidence based policies, programs and services to address current and pressing community health issues. 

Why partner with CHNET-Works! ?

Webinars can be tremendously helpful If your organization is working on a pressing community health issue and would like to use innovative technology to:
- Disseminate your information to a broader audience per sectors and jurisdictions
- Facilitate more discussion around the issue
- Support mobilization around the issue
Together we reach further. 
CHNET-Works! has 21,000+ contacts from across Canada and beyond.

What does CHNET-Works! provide in a partnership?

CHNET-Works! can provide human resources and information technology services related to our discussion formats that support pan-Canadian or province/territory specific discussions. We provide logistical, tech-training and support as well as facilitator or moderator roles for the webinars.  All logistics are supported by online technology - registration, access instructions for participants, feedback forms, etc.   Discussions can be open to all CHNET-Works! and partner contacts or internal to the community health partner.

Steps Involved in Preparing for a Webinar

1. Identify key audience for the discussions
2. Identify a topic/title per a current and pressing community health issue and outcome (sharing information? mobilization?)
 - Who do you hope will participate and what is the key motivation for their participation?
3. Identify and Confirm presenters. 
4. Confirm a date/time
- 6 weeks or more preparation time is recommended 
- Webinars are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
- Suggested Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM or 2:30 PM (to allow participation from Canada's five Time Zones)
5.  Promotion
Identify the key audience to reach, organizations and communication venues that would support promotion.
- Create a promotional blurb, an enticing 4 - 8 sentence description of the webinar for posting on websites and email broadcasts
- Collaborate with CHNET-Works! on reaching the audience with promotional information
6. Co-host the webinar
The co-host from the partnering organization would assist as a moderator per welcoming participants, introducing the Advisors  on Tap, facilitating discussions and assist with follow up.

For more information please contact the CHNET-Works! Coordinator at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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